It Could Have been Easier

It is hard to pretend that I am perfectly okay;
I know myself better, my entirety is composed of gray–
I try to shift my thoughts away from you
But I keep on coming back whatever I do

I still mean nothing and that’s a harsh reality
I must be used to it but I still feel pains completely
I thought this time a beautiful love can be mine
I got it all wrong just always, just like the last time

It could have been easier if you didn’t say about a chance
I could have let it all go easily and all at once
It could have been easier if I didn’t let myself fall
I could be writing someone beautiful I met at the hall
It could have been easier if you never told me those things
I could have been a better man without regretful feelings

I never asked for this emotion in the very first place
It slapped me hard suddenly right on the face
It happened too fast without giving me a chance to prepare
It occurred all of a sudden making me think we’re almost there

As usual, what’s new? It ended tragically and miserably
What can I expect? It is always the stupid story of me
No happiness stored for me and it kills me slowly
I am ripping apart, you’re my cure but you can never save me.


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