I tried forgetting about you but it is such a hard task to do. When I look in the sky, I see the stars and I remember you; I remember our conversations over the phone when you used to tell me that you’re a being made of star dust. Then I started loving the stars more. When I listen to music, the thoughts of you entered my brain since we talked a about music a lot and the songs in my playlist are mostly about you. Then I appreciated music even more. When I watched movies I still remember you since we talked about them most of the times. Then I started to love them even some of them are boring for me. When I try to grab a book, the idea of you hit me again since we talked about books a lot. And I fall in love with the characters more. When I try to talk to someone, our conversations reminded of you since we always have those deep conversations. I just missed you more since I wished that it was you.


A Songwriter’s Dream

I am a songwriter. I write everything in my mind. I write songs based on my feelings, emotions, experiences and even observations. Of course, I want my songs to be heard. I want to share to them my music and my stories. I am dreaming of that someday, one of my songs will be someone’s favorite, that someone could really relate into it as if it’s written for them. I want to write a song that will also tell someone else’s stories, songs which will inspire others and change them for the better, songs that will turn the world up-side-down.

What I want

I want my name to be written in books, I just don’t want to die as an ordinary guy known by none. I want to be ‘famous’ in terms that I want to touch somebody’s heart. I want to serve as an inspiration to many through my experiences, stories and writings. I want them to remember me as someone who inspired them. And when they hear my name, they’ll say ‘That’s the person who thought me a lot and changed me for the better and really inspired me. He is my big inspiration.’

That will really be great!


May 16, 2013- Thursday 09:12 A.M.

I have the guts now to look in the mirror! Haha. Because these past three days I badly want to cover all the mirrors here at our house because I can’t dare to look at myself because I’ve been infected by stupid chicken pox. And now that it is almost a week since I’ve got this, most scars dried up and it’s not disgusting to look at unlike before. LOL! YEHEY! But on it’s first two days, darn! It is a curse! I badly hate it and the feeling of itchiness and the aching of the whole body and tummy.

I’m so excited seeing my skin especially my face go back to normal. 😛


NP: You’re Beautiful by James Blunt