Random Journal

I have been very inactive in updating my Tumblr account unlike when I was still in college. Maybe, I’ve got no more spare time since I was too preoccupied with my works. Would you believe that I will come to the office before eight thirty in the morning and will go out at half-past nine almost everyday? And I haven’t got my laptop in the apartment so there’s no chance at all.

So much had happened in the past couple of weeks as the year started. Tons of emotions were poured into me; beautiful yet temporary fleeting feelings, obnoxious and appalling sadness, terrible longing, endless frustrations and massive stress.

Lately, my mind is about to explode. It’s too preoccupied by so many things with the addition of the stories that get in my head that I truly desire to be written. Stories stumbled upon every story. I seriously wanted to get my fingers in the keyboard of my laptop to start writing them down. But as I faced the monitor, those ideas seemed to elude me. And that’s great, yeah? Err.

Maybe, I should just relax my mind a bit then start writing.


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