I love interacting with people because I love hearing their life stories and knowing pieces of their lives which I believe can help me grow as a much better individual. But as much as I love that, I also love being alone.

Sometimes, I prefer being on my own. Alone in my room armed with my paper, pen and even with my guitar. Sometimes, I feel more secured when I am alone because I don’t need to worry about how I act, express my thoughts and opinions and whatsoever. Especially, I don’t have to bother about hurting someone else because of my acts and words because I am ALONE. Of course, I wouldn’t talk to myself aloud. I’m just doing it in my head. I am afraid that they will call me MAD when they see me talking to myself loudly. LOL!

Being alone is more comfortable than being with somebody because I can do everything I want without any worries and doubts. But what I love most about being alone? It is when I am very free to use my intellectual. I am able to think as much as I want whenever I am on my own unlike when I’m with someone. There is a hindrance and obstruction in my way of thinking.

Whenever I am alone, I can see every aspects and angles of my life. I am able to deliberate well such as why this and that happened, what shall I do if these specific instances happen and whatsoever.

Whenever I am alone, I can understand myself better and better. I can really figured out who i am, what kind of person/personality I have and what kind of life I am living.

But as the old saying goes, ‘No Man Is An Island’ I know for a fact that I can’t survive this crucial life if I’ll always be on my own, Of course, I need to interact with others. I just want to share the other half of me as a person.



5 thoughts on “BEING ALONE

  1. I completely agree, when I am alone I can concentrate without having the little distractions of worrying about my apearance, what people tjhink of me etc. I can slouch, sing, talk to myself and no one cares if my hair isn’t tidy!

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