Untitle Poem

All I want is you to care for my feelings, is that too much to ask?

With what you do, I always wear all of my pretentious masks

Feigning happiness when I am terribly dying inside in reality

And for my stupid and battered heart, I always feel sorry

How come that I never learned my lessons after the pains?

And it is as if I want to repeat those moments all over again

I write but I cannot find the perfect ways to describe this;

The hidden meaning behind my words, you’ll simply miss

All I want is to feel that somehow you really care about me

But I am pretty sure that will always be in my fantasy

You will never ever see someone like me as worth loving

For in the first place, towards me, you ain’t got a feeling

All the heartaches and emptiness I hide inside my chest

Don’t you know that with this kind of art, I’m on my best?

If you can just see that the two of us can be really together

Well, maybe, we can prove a love that exists between forever

Don’t tell me that I am losing my mind since this is genuine

But I can tell you how did it feel since that’s where I’ve been


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