Missing You

I haven’t seen you just for a while

But I already missed the way you smile

Loneliness coated the whole me instantly

And I wonder when it will be over, baby

The way you touch my hand, I already miss

And right now, seeing you is all I wish

But the stupid time is moving so slowly

And that’s why I cannot see you suddenly

They way you locked your eyes into mine

Oh, I am missing it from time to time

Through those, I can see your whole soul and love for me

Oh, baby, right now, I am missing you badly

Right now, all I’m thinking about is you

I’m wondering if you’re thinking about me too

All the crazy stuffs we do, I remember

I wish, right now we are together

If we’d come fact to face, I’ll tell how much I missed you

And when we were apart, thinking of you is all i do

If I’d seen you again, I’ll be happy definitely

And I’ll treasure every moment with you, baby



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