I don’t want to Remember you anymore

The idea of you hit me on an indefinite time–
when everything feels okay and perfectly fine
Giving enough space for sadness to enter
Letting me realize we can’t even be together
What happened to those words you uttered?
In lies, were they cloaked and coated?
You never realized what you did to me suddenly
The body my soul lives in isn’t the old me
I don’t want to remember you any more
Loneliness finds ways to knock at my door
I told myself I’m fine but I knew better than tat
I kept on thinking about what ifs, doubts and buts
I shook my head for an escape from this mess
Beforehand, I realized, it’s a maze of madness
How do you sleep if I think and dream of you?
Your traces come along with me on everything I do
Where will this shift of emotion take me?
If you told me indirectly, we can never be
Our story doesn’t begin but it has tragic ending
Maybe, if I didn’t put my hopes and dreams high
Sadness and emptiness will never be my feelings
But it’s already too late, I hoped for you and I

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