There are just these days that I simply don’t want to speak or talk to anybody. It doesn’t mean that I am pushing them away in my life. I just need these kinds of moments. I need to be alone with all of these raging thoughts in my head. I need to find solitude. I need to stay away from everyone even to those persons who mean the most to me. I just need some space and air for myself. I need some distance. During this time, talking tends to be tiring for me; I simply want to stay in one corner and think whatever the hell is going on in my life. Some may never understand me or this certain behavior of mine. But I cannot blame them since I even don’t understand myself why I need this. Maybe this is who I really am. Maybe, I truly find inner happiness, peace and myself when I am alone. But one thing is for sure, I will come back and talk to the people around me sooner or later. Maybe I am simply too lost and broken lately to start acting like this once more.