Call me stupid. I tried giving you a call earlier this morning since I’ve heard in the news that your city was hit by the earthquake. I wan to make sure that you’re still doing fine despite the tragedy. But unfortunately, both of your numbers could no longer be reached. I tried several times on different times today but I still got the same old tragic result. I felt sad since those numbers are precious to me. They are my connections to you. Most of our wonderful memories happened through them. So what to do now? I’ve totally lost you. It just a proof that you’re no longer coming back. You didn’t even inform me. Are you already out of the country? If so, great. I would no longer hear from you. Just great.

In case you can read this, how are you? I hope you’re doing fine. Honestly, the reason why I don’t change my numbers is the truth that I was somehow hoping that you’d be back. We’re not friends in any social media account so how can I reach you if I lost your number? If you can read this, I just want you to know that I missed you badly. I truly missed talking to you. I missed those late night conversations. I missed the way my phone rings any time of the day since you’re calling me up. I missed you, would you still come back?

Yeah, you’re one of the monsters in my past that keep on taunting me any time of the day. Great, right?