Note to Everybody about Sadness

As we age, life keeps on getting harder and tougher. Our emotions falter from time to time. Most of the times we feel something we couldn’t define. Usually, we feel a thing we’ve never felt before. And what’s worse than that, as we grow up, it’s mostly negative feelings. But we have to remember something. There’s more to life than frustrations, heartaches, sorrows and sadness. For us to be more human and to feel more alive, we have to suffer those unwanted emotions, however, we must never forget that we should never drown ourselves in them. Rather, we must oblige ourselves to seek positive thoughts, happiness and joy surrounding us. I understand that looking for those things is not easy when negative emotions were already too much to take but you have to try. We have to try. We really have to. It’s for our own good. Little by little, we have to attempt finding good things around us. We can find something if we only have a little patience—it may not be as big as the other, but at least we find it, right? Soon enough, our outlook towards life will be more vibrant and better.


Sadness will never be out of the way. It’s part of the process whether we like it or not. Its presence in our lives always mean something—it always present itself for us to learn something or to appreciate the thing we usually take for granted. It will never fail to figure out the hidden passages towards your entirety to fulfill its mission of destroying you. But we’re all a changed person. We have a new way on how to throw it away without hesitation; we already find a way to leave it all behind; we finally find a way not to dwell in it and be the best version of ourselves.


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