I love you, I hate you

I love you, I hate you
I don’t know
what I feel

One moment, I’m
the next I know
I’m losing
my head

Is this how it’s
supposed to
be if it’s
something real?

No idea for
it always
happen to me
all the time
and I bled.

Should I pursue
or should I go?
I’m torn
between love
and hate.

Is this feeling
still worth a try
or just
another lost

Loving and hating,
are they balanced
together by
crazy fate?

Tell me, are you
worthy on this
love and hate dance?


4 thoughts on “I love you, I hate you

  1. Maybe you hate it because you love it.. Or you love it because you hate it.. There are some things that are opposite from each other that can actually be together.. The question is.. Is it bad or good for them to be together? What do you think?😊

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