Note to Self

            The truth is as you age, sadness and frustrations will be surrounding you most of the times. There will really come a point that you’d feel so low of yourself—that nothing is really happening in your life; you haven’t achieved anything big; your colleagues are having the times of their lives; you keep on losing friends making you wonder if it’s your fault or not; the dreams you built when you were younger aren’t still coming into reality; your heart keeps on breaking from time to time; your pocket seems to always run out of money in a way you can never explain; your expenses are much higher than your savings.

                But as you try to dig to the reason why those unnecessary thoughts flood your brain, two reasons will come up—comparison and overthinking. If you could only learn how to stop doing those two things and start paying attention to the simple things and pleasures in your life, you’d soon realize how blessed you are. You have no idea how much somebody out there is willing to be in your position since you have everything they ever desire. If you could only find out you have suffice than what you truly needed, needless to say, you are more than blessed.

                You are surrounded by negative feelings since you are rushing yourself and your life which shouldn’t be the case. You always desire that glorious and flamboyant things will happen within a blink of an eye. It is not. Just take one step at a time. Just closely pay attention to the wonderful things in your life no matter how petty they may seem in your opinion, you’d soon appreciate your life more. Take a deep breath. Start it today. Soon enough, you will emerge as a much happier and better person whose outlook towards life is more wonderful than ever.


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