During the day, he tries his best to make himself busy for those fiendish creatures not to penetrate his entirety. He keeps on reminding himself that this day is his day; that it’s going to be another wonderful day; that it is going to be his best day; that it is going to be the day when everything will be alright. However, no matter how much he indulges himself, those horrible beings seem to know their passages towards his soul. It appears that they have their own keys into his body allowing him to lose all the vibrancy and euphoria he’s trying hard to maintain for it’s never easy to find joy.

And monsters are smart. They know the perfect time to make him feel worse than before. And it is when during the silence of the night when the world is all asleep and dreaming for a better day tomorrow; when his breathing pattern is the only sound that breaks the stillness of the room. Silent nights are supposed to be a wonderful idea for it is the perfect time to give it all a rest. But it wasn’t the case. He keeps on fighting the monster in his head when night already kicks in. He is weaker compare to them; they can easily take him down as if he has no strength at all. As soon as they touch his bare flesh, the atrocious sensation started to crawl in him. He hates it. Hate is perhaps an understatement. He despises it. He really does. And he’s been trying his best to take them on his own. He wants an end for all the fuss in his head. He desires to stop the battle between him and the monsters.

The sad truth is that he cannot think of any solution but one for they are hideously strong. And the only thing he can come up with is to give in.


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