I keep on breaking apart no matter how hard I try to pull myself together. I tried my best to remain intact with myself, however, I figured out that my foundation is no longer sturdy like it used to. Why? Since you found your own way to penetrate the deepest core of my being– that one distinct part of myself that supports my whole system to be me. And you destroyed it for giving me these feelings I never wanted in the first place. I never knew that I am capable of loving someone this much. Again. After all the heart breaks of my past caused me, here I am, caught in a messy and tangled situation once more. It is complicated, blurry and complex. All I ever wanted is for this to end.

But it just don’t.

Maybe I should take the blame for that; I keep on holding into this thin hope that the two of us can actually be together once and for all, when in the first place, I know that letting everything go will allow this madness to subside.


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