It consumed me. It devoured me. I no longer know myself. I keep on asking myself who am I lately. The feeling you’ve given me for a very short period of time created a huge change in me which I cannot comprehend if a good or not. This feeling is strong that I felt like I am chained to it; that I am chained around you.

Why am I always caught in a wrong situation every time I feel something beautifully tormenting? Ours could have been great (just like what you said it would be) but twists and turns of the circumstances led it to a fucked-up state.

Can’t I simply do anything to change this tragic fate of mine? I wouldn’t lie to you. I want you to be mine. I want you right beside me. I need you in my life. From time to time, I caught myself longing for you in a way I’ve never longed for someone before.

From the very beginning, I already knew that it’s madness. But I still risked since I’m stupid and foolish. My gut feeling told me so that it’s worth the risk. Yet I don’t know now if it is still worth the danger for it keeps on poisoning me.


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