Ever since it started, my lips only talked about you with my friends who know about us. They can see how my hazel brown eyes glimmered every time I talked about you and the stuff we did and shared. But they can also witness the miseries and sorrows deep inside as soon as I started feeling horrible about the thing between us.

You are a beautiful topic of our conversation. But you know what, it gets tiring when I always talk to them about you when the perpetual and endless worries about us soon hit my brain. I just want to talk about anything but you. However, every time I try to start a new conversation, it will only end with you once more. Why? We talked about everything and the things around me simply reminded me of you. I always find bits of you about everything. And that’s why forgetting you and the feelings you have given me would really be a hard task. I remember you with the stars for we used to look at them simultaneously as we talked over the phone: I remember you with the books since we love the same genre; I remember you with the movies because you talked a lot about them; I remember you with cigarettes since you smoke and it’s poison in your health like the way I am poisoning myself with the idea of you. I remember you with everything.


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