People Are People

The chapter 22 of my book made me realized that there are six general types of people in it. And probably to yours too:
1. People who support and bring out the best in me. They are as well the people who stood beside to me during my best and worst day. They also know my strengths, weaknesses, imperfections and flaws but they do not care yet they love and accept me for who I truly am.
2. People who pretend to be good in front of me but the truth, they are stabbing me behind my back. They are also the people who only knew bits of my story but they act as if they wholly knew everything about me. They are good at judging me; looking for my flaws as if they are flourished with perfection.
3. People who know how to bring out the worst in me that no matter how hard I try to be good to them, they will surely find ways to ruin my day and forcing me to show the side of me they should have not seen.
4. People who play nice to me because they need something from me. Once they got what they need, they totally forgot about the kindness I’ve extended to them. What’s worse than that? When I committed a single mistake, they would blabber something nasty about me as if I’m the worst person on earth.
5. People who give false hopes. They will show affection, care, sweetness and concern to you which you will foolishly believe were genuine. But at the end of the day, you’d realize that all were coated with lies and deceits.
6. People who use my own weaknesses for their own sake or for fun because they are bull shit to exploit someone else’s vulnerability to cope up with their insecurities and madness.
Well, I guess I can call myself lucky since they all made the 22nd chapter of my life filled with color, thrill, annoyance, exasperation and deceit. So what number are you?
PS. Because people are people and I guess, this must be written. Hahaha

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