Maybe Tomorrow

If people around us only minded their own businesses–
it won’t turn out like this; I won’t feel like a mess
but people are people and we cannot do anything about it
yet I can’t help myself to tell my mind that they’re shit
And I want to believe what you say that it will be alright
Even we both know it won’t be and I’d simply cried at night
Maybe tomorrow, I won’t be filled with sorrows
Maybe tomorrow, I can easily let it all go
Or maybe tomorrow, I will always find myself low
Or maybe tomorrow, I really do not know
I tried hard to be okay after what you said the other day
But I know myself better so I felt worse and filled with grey
I kept on asking why it has to turn out this horrible way
I fumbled for the bright side but I always found myself astray
Sadness hurts and I will surely miss you my friend;
those endless stories as the day begins and ends
It will surely take time for me to be okay again
Friendship means love and in love, there’s pain

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