Overwhelming Feeling

There’s always an ugly feeling scarred in my heart after an endless talk

And it never fails to take over my system like a real monstrous hulk

I suddenly become needy and clingy of the attention you’ve given to me

And I always want it but I know for a fact that it cannot always be


I know I am paranoid, crazy, over thinker and hilarious towards this

But I cannot help myself from feeling like this, feeling like a real mess

I already know from the very beginning that you will be a trouble

I should’ve followed my instincts earlier so I wouldn’t be miserable


The feeling is overwhelming so I’ve got nothing but to pen it all down

It’s only because you didn’t respond; all the happiness in me were gone

I wonder if you were already in dreamland or simply texting someone—

Whatever, you don’t know what I feel here in this small unknown town

A message from you will put an end to this misery I’ve suddenly found

Come on, heed me and everything will be alright like the way it is bound


I want to talk about this to my friends but I’m afraid they’ll find me funny

So I just suppress everything inside until it swallowed my entirety

I’m trying to keep positive about this thing but I’m an over thinker

Webs of thoughts suddenly happened and it feels like a real disaster


My feelings are getting worse and stranger when we stop talking

Could this be an obsession? And that’s why for you I keep on longing?

And this is what I hate for getting caught in a trap of strange emotions

I always have a hard time in handling them and keep on moving on






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