A New Reason

And I’ve got a new reason to look at my phone
I always wanted to go out early and be at home
Since excitement and delight filled my entirety
For I wanted to know what the next convo will be

My real self comes out easily without even trying—
An evidence towards the comfort I am feeling
The flow of our conversation comes out naturally
So I’ve been thinking about something for you and me

We got lost track of time but it still feels not enough
And those beautiful things always keep me high and up
Yet there’s still so much I want to say and ask to you
And I wonder if you ever thought about those things too

Could this be that beautiful thing I’ve been longing?
Or could this be another tragedy like those things?
So many thoughts are going through my head
And most of them are filled with blues and red
But I’m trying my best to be positive about this
Since I no longer want to taste another deadly kiss

I don’t know if I should allow myself to let you in
After all those pains and sorrows I have been
Should I let my walls crumble or make it sturdier?
I’m unsure if there’s a chance for us to be together







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