It saddens me that I can only see your face through pictures—

Hear the beautiful sound of your voice here in my head

Those things were filled with nothing but joy and rapture

But what happened now? I’m so cloaked with bloody red


You used the power of words along with lies and treachery

Maybe you know by doing so, I will expose my vulnerability

I’m giving you a round of applause for you truly succeeded

You got what you want; my heart has been totally shattered


When the idea of you crossed my preoccupied mind,

I never fail to wonder if there’s a chance for you to be mine.

If your words to me then were filled only with truth and sincerity

I can tell you proudly that I wrote this full of hopes for you and me


But what if’s still cloud my mind about what could happened;

If we live in another world; if the words you said you actually mean

Could we have a beautiful connection like what I always wanted?

Could I be yours? Could you be mine like it should’ve ended?


But I’ll never figure out the answers to my long list of questions

All that you’ve given me were blurry lines and unwanted sensations

Maybe it’s supposed to be that way, maybe we’re in between supposed and almost

But I’ll tell you my feelings were true to its peak and utmost


Someday, if our paths happen to cross once again

Will you give me true and honest answers for this to end?

If by chance our hearts are beating in beautiful unison,

Let’s allow love to take us for our journey to go on




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