Being 20s suck?

Honestly, I am not in love with the idea of being in my 20s. When I was younger, I used to believe that it’s going to be a beautiful and exciting experience for me but I figured out I got it all wrong. Of course, there were instances filled with joyous and delightful moments however, the constant and perpetual entrance of worries make it a horrible journey. Almost every day, I have these endless frustrations and fears about my life. Tons of what ifs cloud my thoughts. I know, stage 20s only comes once in a lifetime but I simply can’t help myself from feeling as terrible and stupid as this. I am afraid of the possibility that I wouldn’t be able to achieve all of the dreams I built when I was younger. I am fearful of the slap of reality that keeps on making me feel that nothing is happening in my life. I am worried about the prospect of being nobody in the end after all the hard works I exerted. The likelihood of ending up in a place I do not desire to be is really a trouble.


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