• Let go of the past. Keep moving forward. You keep on holding onto this for such a very long time. It will never do you good. See a much brighter future ahead of you.
  • Learn to forget and forgive. Stop holding grudges for other people. You will never ever have a peace of mind if you stay that way.
  • Start accepting that peoples’ feelings towards you can actually change. It wasn’t their fault(s) in the first place if they feel something more than friendship. Deal with it, moron.
  • Be thankful for the people who keep on showing how important you are to them even most of the time, you keep on taking them for granted. You are so blessed to have friends like them. It is not every day that you will cross paths to being like them.
  • Make time for your old friends. I guess it will do you no harm if you catch up with them, it will bring you tons of euphoria, instead. Work isn’t the only thing in the world, keep that in mind.
  • Do not forget who your true friends really are. Those persons who stood behind you in your darkest times when nobody’s around. You owe them that much.
  • Halt from thinking that you are a walking catastrophe or disaster in the making. There’s no such thing as that. You are just as stupid as hell in handling your own emotions.
  • Stop pushing people away; most especially those who really care for you. You’re a dumbass for doing so. Remember that no man’s an island. Solitude is fun but not for a lifetime.
  • Remember that it’s nice to meet new people. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to forget those people who were there for you ever since the world began.
  • Keep these notes in your head. Everything is just a test of character. It will soon pass. Everything will be better. Everything will be alright. Just hold on.

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