22 Lessons

The book of 2015 is about to close. This year has really been roller coaster to me; taking me to the utmost state of euphoria and pulling me down to the deepest phase of blue. Since I am already in the Chapter 22 of my life, here are the 22 lessons I’ve learned (so far) this year:

1. Any romantic involvement to someone isn’t as important just like what you think it is for you to be cloaked with a genuine sense of joy and delight. Happiness can still be found even you’re not in a relationship. It’s just up to you to find out how.

2. Professionalism can actually help you survive and win a battle against your so-called opponent(s).

3. Backstabbing is someone else’s specialty You have to be extra careful.

4. Best and worst things in your life come without knocking. They come to you in a surprisingly strange manner. You’ve got nothing to do but to accept and deal them.

5. Some people will always be rude to you no matter how kind you are to them. Some of them may take your kindness as a sign of weakness. Some may even abuse it. But it isn’t a logical reason for you to give up the act of doing kindness. It’s not your loss after all. Just kill them with your kindness anyway.

6. Only few people will embrace your shadow after figuring out your darkest sides. You’ve got to treasure them.

7. Trust is such a precious thing to give to people. Yet some will still fail to value it. They will break it without realizing that they are breaking your heart as well. Once you trust someone, you’re vulnerable. Some may even use that fragility against you for their own sake.

8. You keep on doubting yourself but people around you see the capabilities and potentials in you. You just have to believe in yourself akin to the manner they trust you. Trust yourself. Keep on telling you can do it. What lies ahead might be fun, exciting, beautiful and exhilarating.

9. 20s is the stage where you perpetually and constantly worry and wonder if you’re about to make or break it; if the road you’re taking leads you to the place your dreams can actually happen.

10. Money sounds sweet. But it isn’t the most important thing on earth, It can’t even give you a genuine euphoria. Family, friends, God, memories, laughter, and books can. Sometimes it’s not always about the elegance and flamboyance. Simple things will always be one of the best things in life.

11. Sometimes you have to remove the people who keep on depriving you from having the happiness you always long and deserve. You really have to.

12. You have to let go of the things in the past you have held into for such a long time. You should keep moving forward.

13. Learning and music are both essential and must be added to the basic needs of any human being to survive in this world.

14. Patience is indeed a virtue. Be patient. And the moments you’ve been waiting for will come to you eventually.

15. Insecurities have their own ways of killing the beauty in someone’s heart. Sad but true.

16. People are good at judging others without knowing the whole story. They pretend that they know all about you when in reality, they don’t.

17. Overthinking can actually lead to frustrations and non-existing problems. Stop doing it. Life is simple. Go along with it.

18. The success of others and high-profile people isn’t the measure and basis of your own success. Stop comparing yourself to them. It can just make you feel small. Define your own meaning of success.

19. Stop complaining. You have more than enough. It’s up to you how to handle them. Always be grateful to whatever you have. Some people don’t even have a portion of your possession. You’re so much blessed.

20. Best people in the world are free. Once you meet someone like them, value them. This society is filled with fake people.

21. The world is beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with it. There is something wrong with some human beings. Sadly, they make this earth sick and ugly.

22. We live in the consequences of our choices.


2 thoughts on “22 Lessons

  1. Thanks for sharing the lessons you’ve learnt throughout the year. The post emits your positive outlook in life despite the bad. It’s actually quite encouraging and a great reminder that life depends on how we view it. 🙂

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