A Strange Dream Indeed

Just this afternoon, I was reading a book while taking a generous space on my bed. Upon enjoying the words written between the pages which never fail to enthral me, ironically, my eyes went droopy. I decided to drop my book since it will just be waste of time if I force my mind to comprehend whatever was written there if it desires to be in oblivion.

Lately, I remember most of my dreams. I always love to remember my dreams for some strange reasons. Maybe it keeps on reminding me that there’s a wonderland somewhere that I just need to discover. I don’t know. And I did remember my dreams this afternoon. It was a series of strange events.

First, I took my six Siberian Huskies on a walk. One of them is Galvez whose name was engraved on his golden collar. When we were about to go home, he suddenly jumped at me. His whole body shivered wildly. He’s definitely afraid of someone behind. And when I turned around, the one Galvez was afraid of was a beautiful and lovely maiden. It’s kinda strange for me. Why will a dog be afraid of such elegant lady?

My dreams went on. It turned out that Galvez is a puppy who can turn itself into a man. And when he transformed into his man figure, he looked like one of my closest cousins. He involved me in his quest of finding a hidden treasure and fighting the force of evil.

The girl he’s afraid of? She’s an evil fairy. For some inexplicable reason, she shrieked after seeing both Galvez and me. She revealed her true ugly appearance and uttered profanity. There was a giant building erected behind the walls of a vast ocean. Before the scene changed, Galvez and I both watched as that specific structure being swallowed by a tornado and swapped by a much bigger and much taller building known as Affixaxer, an empire built on a huge ship like the ones we see in anime like One Piece and movies like Pirates of the Caribbean.

The evil fairy flew towards the Affixaxer and she’ll come back for more evil doings. Galvez pulled me hurriedly heading to the busy yellow museum where people meet for an annual exhibit. He told me that he knew a shortcut to the Ladder, a place where the mermaids gather after I asked why do we have to enter the said museum.

I heard myself mumbling indistinct sounds because of that dreams. I really can’t understand and fathom the significance of those series of events in my life. And it was indeed a strange dream. I got up ignoring the sleepiness my entirety felt to write down the names of the characters in my dreams since I was inspired to turn these into stories. Yet I have to gather details first.


The book I read wasn’t a sci-fi fantasy or anything in between. It was a criminal case. It’s really weird and strange.


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