My So-Called New Year’s Resolution

  1. Start living a healthy life style. Avoid eating in fast food chains. Your body is a sacred temple that you must take care of.
  2. Save money as much as you can. You’ll never know what lies to the future.
  3. Buy the things you ONLY need. Do not be an impulsive buyer.
  4. Forgive people who betrayed, disappointed and betrayed you. They all deserve forgiveness. And might as well forgive yourself.
  5. Learn to follow your to-do-lists. Have a strict time management. You’ve wasted so much time. And it is something essential that you can’t take back but you keep on wasting.
  6. Make some time to your old friends. Stop being workaholic once in a while. Your work will not be there for you in times of need but your friends will.
  7. Do not stress yourself out with the things you shouldn’t be stressing yourself with.
  8. Do not make your life tough. Go with the flow. Adapt to changes. Life is simple if you just know the tricks and secrets.
  9. Stop thinking too much. Overthinking will just stress you out more than you really are.
  10. Move on from the past. Dwelling there will do you no good.

4 thoughts on “My So-Called New Year’s Resolution

  1. Good luck! Sounds like a good list.

    I usually make a theme instead of a resolution. Like this year, my theme was supposed to be strength. So I mucked around in the gym and I can lift ginormous amounts of weight. Sorts lost it though when it comes to emotional strength haha.

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