“All my life, I’ve been waiting for moments to come.”

That’s a line from one of the songs from the newest album of Five Seconds of Summer called ‘Catch Fire’ and it was really relatable for me. Last Friday, 11 December, our Christmas Party was held. We wore our modernized traditional attire of our chosen countries. I chose the Philippines because I love our country and I love being a Filipino.

We said our prayers. The manager uttered her opening remarks. We ate the not so palatable dishes of the Inn. And there was some recognition. And would you believed that I was one of the fewest persons who got a remarkable recognition? Wow! Just wow. It really meant a lot for me. All of my hard works have been paid off.

“Commendation for the Remarkable Performance of an Employee” is a part of the statement written on the plaque. I truly wanted to put a picture of it here but you will figure out my full name. Haha. But gladness surrounded my entirety during that moment. I never thought that it can actually happen to me. It used to be a daydream for me.

Who would ever thought that a slim 22-year old guy who loves to convert his feelings into words filled with melody is capable of winning something like that?

I posted a picture of the plaque on my Facebook account. I was overwhelmed with the wonderful messages and feedbacks I received from my family, friends and co-employees. But do you know what became the highlight of my night? The message of my manager that went like this: “You deserved it. Keep aiming high. I am proud of you! Stay humble.”

I still can’t get over to the fact that she said something like that which caused my heart to swell in so much euphoria. She’s my manager! And of course, her words will have a huge impact to me. Gladly, it’s a positive and beautiful impact.

So, I guess, I am doing great in my work. But of course, I shouldn’t stop there. I should beat myself for the better and greater. I should keep exerting my best efforts.


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