Lately, I found myself being drawn to annoyance. And I detest myself for that. Fickle as it may seem but that’s the truth. I easily get pissed off to some people whose doings and reasoning turned out unsuitable to my own sets of standards. I have my own preferences; I choose the people whom I want to be with based on their attitude, actions and beliefs. I don’t know if I am the only one who appears to be this way but that’s me. Surely, with this kind of personality, you will not be surprised if I only have a small circle of friends. It doesn’t matter actually.  As they say, quality versus quantity. Why will I need tons and tons of friends when in the first place they aren’t there in times of scarce and needs?

Of course, I ain’t perfect. Nobody is. Surely, some people around me finds me infuriating and annoying. But as much as possible, I try to act in a professional manner– in way which I will not look rude and rowdy. In any way, I cannot please anybody.

I write these words coated with exasperation with high hopes that the extremity of my feelings will suddenly subside. I know being irritated for no sensible reason at all is an atrocious attitude. Horrible to the extent of the word itself. But I surely can’t help it. Yet I am trying. Trying hard to change myself for the better. I no longer desire this kind of personality.


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