Memo No. 0716

If you truly want to be with someone like me, I am warning you as early as now about my changeable mood from time to time which usual people can’t handle. There are times when I am high as fuck that everything around me appears to be magical, lovely, wonderful and funny letting my heart to swell in a delight I have never felt before. But there are instances that I feel annoyed towards the things surrounding me—that everything is truly disturbing, atrocious and horrible. Also, there are times that I don’t want to talk. At all. I just want to stay quiet for the longest time and if someone tries to break the silence, the temptation of punching them hard on the face taunts me. Yet there are moments in my life that I have to tell you endless stories about me and you have to listen to me and utter your mere opinion about them because if you don’t, I might feel a little low since I may think that you ain’t interested in me at all. I am a hard to deal with kind of person. And if you are one of the fewest persons who can handle someone like me, please stay. I badly need someone like you in my life. I am thanking you in advance for that.


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