Night is really a good idea unless your head is filled with nothing but worries and anxieties. My mind is one big catastrophe ever since I was younger. I kept on bothering to things which can be completely ignored in the first place. Lately, I’ve been terribly concerned about my future. My 20s is so much full of nothing but perpetual fears about my career, financial stability, and dreams. Making the life I’ve been longing ever since I was a kid is so darn hard; that’s what I realized. One wrong move will lead me to a dead end. One wrong decision will ruin everything I have founded. This stage of my life is more crucial than what I’ve thought. They said that teenage days were critical but they got it all wrong. When I was a teenager, I only cared about my studies and feelings. But now that I am a little more grown up, there’s a lot at stake. Admittedly, I am dreadful for tomorrow. I am afraid to make mistakes which will truly and completely devastate my entire life. Hopefully, I can quickly get a grip of this situation.


2 thoughts on “09292015

  1. To tell you the truth I’ve felt the same way for the longest time. I’m coming to realize though that it isn’t our failures that sets our lives in motion, it’s how we overcome them. So don’t be afraid to fail. If you fall, keep falling forward. Be brave!

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