This past few days, I caught myself being surrounded with sadness I never wanted in the first place.Unconsciously, you caused all of this madness in my being, in my entirety. Without you knowing it, every single action of yours has a giant impact on me that within a snap can make me feel like it’s the end of the world. An unresponsive action from you can surely make me feel like hell. It definitely pisses me off. I never desire to be like this but I ended up like this because my stupidly and foolishly battered heart fell  for you in a way I can never explain. Geez. Damn this feeling. How I wish that if these words of craziness were already transcribed, the empty feeling in my heart will be gone already. I’ve been wondering how you could make me feel this way. You never intend to make me love you and I never intend as well to love you. I ended up like bull shit because of you and this feeling. Leaving a deep scar in my heart is what you always do. Hence, I do hope that sooner or later, you will figure my feelings out so you will start paying attention to me and to your actions which can really blow me away.


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