MIssing A Person Sucks

Weekends and holidays are what I hate now since it simply means I will be having a hard time—missing you this way sucks. Temptation entices me to press your number just for me to hear your voice which always sends tingles all throughout my body but deep awe hinders it—a fear you might find me annoying and you’ll suddenly stop talking to me. As much as possible, I try to busy myself, to indulge myself to those things I love doing for me to forget this relentless longing yet it is not suffice. Thoughts of you are too strong to find ways on how to barge in my brain. Great. If you can only figure out this hard time I am having because of you… what will you do? What if in case you get your hands on this scratch paper where my feelings and vulnerability were inscribed? Will you go away? Will you choose to stay? Will you find me a filthy individual trying to hide his feelings between spaces and punctuation marks of his writing? These sentences convey what my heart deeply feels for you but it’s a mystery if it will be answered sooner or later.

Few moments ago, I felt a heavy heart since I was terribly missing you. Geez! How could you make me feel this way? If love is a sin, I am a sinner and I am very much willing to sin for you. So are you? Right now, I am waiting for your name to pop in my cell phone’s screen for my lips to draw a wild and crazy smile.

Just simply heed these words of love, pains, sadness and desperation through your own words I desperately need to hear. I promise, an endless love from someone like me will be felt.


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