New Year’s Frustration

03 January 2015

Here I am right now in our room filled with so much frustrations and fear as ‘Once Upon a Time’ by Freestyle plays along the background– giving me more sad emotions I have had enough already. Again, for the countless times, I am frustrated every time my dream of being a writer/songwriter crossed my mind. Maybe, I am just being impatient but I really can’t wait for the day that my words will be heard and my lyrics will be sung back to me as if every fiber of it was written for them. I’m running out of ink from time to time, my pages were blemished with my own crazy feelings and still… nothing is happening. Maybe, I ain’t doing anything because I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where I’ll go to have a publishing house and recording company for my fantasies to be real at last. I just don’t know and that makes me even more frustrated. Every time I checked the Internet, I just can’t find any. I am terribly afraid that my dreams will be ashes; my words will simply remain between the pages of my notebook and I will die as nobody. Geez! I don’t want that to happen. But I really don’t have any idea what to do. I don’t have any game plan for my dreams. And that’s bullshit!


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