Eleven Things About True Friendship

1. True friendship remains even you haven’t seen one another for weeks, months or even years. Everything seems to be the same; except for the endless story-telling about what happened over the course of time.
2. Eye contacts and body languages are more than enough to understand what the other thinks toward another person. Everybody is sensitive about each other’s feelings even no word has been uttered.
3. You don’t have to be with one another all the time just to show you care. A simple remembering about the memories you shared counts. A simple ‘Hey’ text message is completely appreciated.
4. Each one of you shares a private joke to the mutual person you all dislike; you are all fond of giving absurd nicknames to your not-so-good-acquaintances.
5. Picture taking is very essential in every bonding moment you share wherein you can show your craziest sides without worrying about how you look like.
6. You are all different from one another but friendship binds all of you to be the ‘same’.
7. Trash talking is rampant. Despite that, nobody gets out of the mood. Instead, that person(s) will fire up the most hideous and disgusting reply.
8. You can laugh the hell out ’til your jaw aches– ignoring all the people around you. You won’t even give a damn about your looks because all you want is happiness.
9. Everyone of you gets disconnected to the real world since you all created your world where happiness is the main component.
10. Silence among you is comfortable.
11. It really lasts whether you like it or not. Friendship is forever. Friendship is love., Friendship is magical.


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