14 Things I Badly Want to Tell to You

1. I keep on checking my phone from day to night for a message from you that surely will not come.
2. Please, don’t you dare to forget about me because it will surely break my heart.
3. Don’t tell me that you no longer care about me after all that we’ve been through.
4. I missed you… a lot. To the extent I dreamt of you at night.
5. Can we be like as before?
6. I love you. I need you here in my life. I need you right here next to me. Please be here.
7. I write about you every time I got a grip of my paper and pen.
8. Do you think about me too as much I do? I am going crazy by simply thinking of you. ,
9. Do you worry when I haven’t dropped any message in your inbox or e-mail?
10. You’re all I want so please be mine.
11. I got jealous when you’re getting more attached to someone rather than me.
12. I am selfish because I want all of you attention.
13. Sorry if I annoy you a lot.
14. Thank you for all the memories you’ve given me– memories that will never happen again.


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