11:47 PM

Once and for all, I told myself that I will not dare to fall in love once again for I’ve been badly scarred and broken during those younger days but I guess, love is too powerful for any human being in this world; no matter how hard we try to elude ourselves from it, it will always find ways– magical and mysterious ways to penetrate our hearts, our souls for us to feel its devastating course over the time. Love is beautiful. Love is relentless. Love is crazy. Love is devastating. So many definitions but it will only lead to two roads: a dead end or a perfect path.

I know, I shouldn’t be feeling something like this but I just can’t help it. My heart suddenly starts to play wild motions every time that person is around. I just can’t help it. Every time that someone speaks of my name, oh god, it sounds so beautiful reverberating into my head like my old favorite love song.

I should be filled with delight with this new feeling, right? But I ain’t having moments of euphoria or gleeful times for I know that we can never ever be together for that person is in a relationship. Oh, great. Thus, as early as now I should find ways to stop this non-sense thing. This ain’t going nowhere. This will surely lead me to a dead end– a path I’ve ignored few years back. I gotta stop this for me to avoid insufferable pains and unwanted tragic moments at nights.


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