Soon Enough

There was a throbbing in his head; echoing the sounds of
frustrations and anger towards thyself for his words
weren’t suffice for the beautiful writings to
be created; giving screaming colours to those eyes
who might soon enough pay attention to his inscriptions.

Self-doubt was already making its way to his system;
gnawing every inch of the remaining belief he has. He doesn’t
even know if he can still cope up with it for time to time;
upon reading such remarkable writings from others; the
bouyancy towards words, phrases and sentences were starting
to fade away in him.

Thus, his dreams were about to ebb. Yet, fortunately, there
was that tiny voice whispering into his ear ‘Get a grip.
Soon enough, you will get there. Soon enough, you will be heard.
Soon enough, it will all be paid off. Just so you wait.’

And that’s the reason why it all began. Why these superfluous
words came into life. Because soon enough, he will forget about this;
he will forget about this feeling. And all that will be left
were these inscriptions no one will care about– except for the
one who wrote this. That will all happen soon enough.


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