To that someone who might fall in love with me someday. First, I just can’t believe that you actually did. I just don’t get it. Above all people, me? Oh, that’s very flattering. Thank you. I know I am hard to deal with; I am cranky; I change my moods easily; I am impatient as hell; I cracked corny jokes but you still chose to love me. That’s why it’s a mystery to me.

I just can’t promise you anything for promises are cliche. I am selfish, egoistic and self-centered guy but I just want you to know that I am deeply honored and grateful for the love and kindness you’ve given to me. I ain’t certain if I deserve those treatments but thanks though.

If it happens that I love you as well, that’s awesome! We can be the lovers of the generation since we will do those things we love to do for happiness to bloom and for this love to grow. We will fall in love to one another harder than anyone else.

But in case, I didn’t love you the way you do for my heart belongs to someone else, I regret to say sorry. I just can’t accept the love you’re extending to me. Saying this to you as early as now can lessen the damage. It’s hard I know. It may even create a huge gap and uneasiness between the two of us but some things just didn’t work out the way we went them to be. It’s hard at first but surely, you can move on and find someone a whole lot damn better than me. I’d rather hurt you with the truth than make you believe with false hopes. Thank you for the love but the letter I just don’t fit with the letter U because they both belong into someone else’s good arms.


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