Ten Simple Pleasures in Life

1. Put your headphones on. Feel the blaring music. Get lost with its lyrics. Think that it is specifically written for you. Thump your feet on the ground if you feel like to.

2. Carry a camera wherever you go. Take a lot of pictures of those simple yet interesting things on the sidewalks. They can bring a unique kind of pleasure in your heart.

3. Don’t stop for the world. Make the world stop for you.

4. Ignore other people. Don’t mind them. Don’t think that they are really looking on whatever you do. Just do what you want; happiness you’ll see.

5. Don’t look for happiness. Let happiness find you. Always remember that not all giant things can fill your heart with happiness. Even the tiniest can pour a huge amount of elation in your heart– it is just up to you how you’ll appreciate them. Little ones create an impact. Keep that in mind.

6. Stop worrying about nothing. It will just stress you out and swallow all your energies and positive auras.

7. Smile. A lot. Even everything is not alright, smile. That little curve dangling from your lips can show a little portion of light.

8. Eat if you want. Eat the foods you crave. There’s nothing wrong in treating yourself once in a while. Don’t care about carbs for once. Eating is happiness.

9. Sleep a lot. Your mind and body need to rest.

10. Be on the road. Watch the hazy surrounding. Day dream. It is okay. Think of those beautiful things you want to have or to happen in your life.


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