Ten Reminders in Growing UP

a.Re-invent yourself. Pull the clothes you are most comfortable with. Ignore what people say. Carry them as if you’re the next supermodel. Get a new hairstyle to look new. Being on the same style is simply plain boring, right?

b.Practice writing a journal. Do it once a week. If you get used to it, write daily. Fill those leaves with your feelings, emotions, heartbreaks, daydreams, beautiful memories, rants, frustrations and so on. It is also a form of therapy. And it’s great to have some time machine in the form of words, sentences and paragraphs when you grow up.

c.Be different. Don’t just go with the flow. Remember that what the trending is means it’s the best. If you have some new ideas which will make things better, voice them out. Don’t bury them inside your brain cells. Huge things start from those little and crazy ideas. It’s alright to be unique (or weird as other says).
d.Value your money. You don’t know how lucky you are to have such amount—small or large because there are human beings from different sides of the world who got nothing; who almost sold their souls just to have a single penny.

e.Save money. Whether you are a student or an employee, try to save portion of your allowance. Don’t be a panic buyer. Instead be a wise buyer. Buy only the things you think you really need.
f.Have a clear vision of yourself five to ten years from now. Find ways to be there. Have a tunnel vision towards it. Don’t just stick to what or who you are right now. You are not being nurtured if you stay as is. You live to have a meaningful one.

g.Buy a car. Travel alone. Get lost. Be found. Find your way home. Because in life, sometimes you have to be on your own for you to learn and grow up.

h.Take risks. Magic happens outside your comfort zone.

i.Learn how to cook. You see, if you have some plans of being an independent, it is a must that you know how to cook for yourself. Yes, fast foods are rampant but you can save a lot if you cook all by yourself. And mind you, it is much healthier.

j.Meet interesting people. You will learn a lot from them; about culture, values, traditions, and life itself.


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