Every time I walk along the busy streets of Ermita, Manila late in the evening, I always wonder if I will bump into some bloggers here. I always admire those glowing lights of cars and stop lights. I always find something beautiful in the smile of little kids playing in the streets. I always smile every time I see street people who read books or English magazines. I always love the chill slithering through my bare skin every time I passed PagCor (am I right?). With those simple things, I find appreciation towards life. And I find happiness as well.

And if it happens that you walk next to me one day, you might hear me singing some random songs. Last Friday, what came out from my mouth were:

“There’s a lot people around, as I walked in this solid ground. Of the busy streets of Manila. Living here will not be a good idea.”

And I can no longer add more words. Haha. This is non-sense. LOL.


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