Five Things You Should Do from Time to Time

1. Make time for yourself. Always find a way to have some quality time for yourself. You are a beautiful creature who needs to relax himself/herself after a long tiring week. Nothing is better than grabbing your favourite ice cream in the nearby store. Or run your fingertips on the spines of the books in the bookstore. If you feel like buying one, then go. Don’t withhold the happiness you terribly deserve. Or if you feel like singing out at the top of your lungs, be it. Or if you just only feel like sitting in one corner of the coffee shop to be alone in your thoughts, go.

2. Make time for your family. There’s nothing dangerous in making some memories with your parents, siblings, cousins and grandparents. In fact, those moments are usually the best. Forget about those scars and wounds in the past. Learn how to forgive. It is not forever that they will always be there for you. If chances are there to be with them, grab them before regrets swallow you up. Laugh the hell out as if there’s no more tomorrow. Take a lot of pictures with them. Upload them in Facebook or be in the traditional way. Print them. Compile them or put them against the wall. The light in your eyes are brighter every time you’re with your love ones.

3. Make time for your friends. Busy schedules. Different day-offs. The usual barricades to be with your friends, right? As the old saying goes, if there’s a will, there’s a way. Plan it. Set a specific date for you get together. Bonding moments with your old high school or college friends are always the best. Catch up about each others’ life. You will lose nothing by doing this. Instead, you’ll gain a lot. Remember that your friends are your second family. You can find shelter in them. They can be your light in your darkest days. And your true friends will always be behind you. If not at your back, surely they will be right beside you; walking along with the path you’re taking. Friends are the best treasure.

4. Make time for your partner. Most human beings think that when they are officially couples, it’s the end yet they’re wrong. The challenge just begins there. How will you make the relationship lasts? It’s the lingering question after those ‘I love you too’s’ moments. Strengthen the friendship with your partner. Love is not purely love, sex or lust. It’s also about friendship. When the desire, the physical beauty faded away, the precious friendship remain. If the foundation is sturdy, surely your relationship with your partner will prolong.

5.Make time for the Creator. Talk to Him before you go to sleep. Strengthen your spiritual relationship. You see, you don’t only have the life on earth. You also have a life after here. Hear the Holy Mass. Read the Bible. Attend some Bible Study quite some time. Be spiritual. Instead of counting your blessings, share them.


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