Wow. Just Wow.

Surprisingly, crowd control wasn’t present in the LRT station yesterday just like what I expected since the rain badly poured. And with that kind of weather, a long line of people wanting to get on board can already be foreseen. I presumed that I will come in the office at nine; one hour late from my call time but I was wrong because I was only 20 minutes late due to the sudden flood all throughout. What I loved about my ride in the LRT was it’s so darn quiet—one of my favourite things in the world. Listening to the stillness of the train exclusive of the little coughing of some passengers and the wheels on the railroads felt so good. And that allowed me to do one of my favourite things to do; looking at my co-passengers to wonder what’s going on through their heads and what the underlying stories behind their eyes, noses, mouths and personalities are.

A lady caught my attention since there was a book propped open in front of her as she softly whispered the words inscribed in the pages as if giving life to them, half-smiling. Seeing someone reading inside a public vehicle is so darn cool. I tried my hardest to get a glance on the title of the book and I only read ‘I Love You’ because her index finger blocked the first word of the title. I guess, it’s ‘P.S I Love You’ and I pressed my best friend’s number to inform her about it since it’s one of her favourite books. And there was this couple who spoke Korean I guess. I assumed their Koreans because of their chinky eyes.

That particular ride in the LRT was one of the best rides I ever had despite the fact that I ain’t got my headphones and I was all alone. For an unknown reason, it filled my heart with an inexplicable amount of euphoria. My weirdness just struck me again, I guess so bear with me.


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