Angry rain woke me up in the middle of my deep sleep. I was too tired from the previous nights upon doing tons of works that’s why I ignored the first and second ring of my alarm clock. It was only 04:57 in the morning when I checked my phone but I already rushed into the stairs to prepare given the facts that I was late yesterday—summing up the Php120 deduction from my salary and it’s raining; a high chance of a slow moving traffic is at stake.

Luckily, I got aboard on a jeepney at exactly six in the morning, what a relief that the rain stopped. Thought at first I thought I have to have my slippers with me for it rained even harder after coming to a short halt as I fixed myself.

Since I was a sleepyhead, I fell asleep easily in the vehicle which was something VERY IMPORTANT, especially for a person who only got five hours of sleep in a row and doing tasks for 13 hours; excluding the time travel. But of course, sleep on bed is far far better than the sleep in a public vehicle. My sleep (if you can call it that way) has been disturbed multiple times. And there’s a scenario after opening my eyes, I saw a very beautiful girl at the shotgun seat (for I was behind it) whom I thought was my first love I haven’t seen for five months.

Damp and cold the weather was, providing me that nostalgic feelings I always admire and giving me the will to write something no matter how senseless my words were—just like this one for these thoughts kept on barging me on my way to the office.

As expected, LRT was crammed with people who desire not to be late in their respective businesses. I squeezed myself into the sea of people and would you believe that I fit between the pole and the seat standing gawkily? Perks of being a slim man.

I adored the silence surrounding the train; as in nobody’s speaking as if inside a church to hear solemnly the mass. Only the static sounds, the wheels on the railroad and the voice of the operator dared to break the spell of quietness.

“This is the time when writing feels good!” I thought but of course I can’t write inside a jam packed train.

A couple peeked my attention because every time I turned on their direction, they will turn theirs into mine. You see, in LRT when you’ve got a broken phone, all you can do is to look from left to right and watch what your co-passengers are doing. And there was this student who looked so damn cool for he appeared to be a varsity of badminton. Why didn’t I look cool just like him when I was his age?

Barging thoughts, words of non-sense, crazy passengers… United Nations. Surprised, I made my way from Kalaw to Ermita since the road was quiet as well. Streets were damp but the aura emanating from people was wonderful. Well, maybe it’s TGIF.


2 thoughts on “TGIF

    • Did I? Hahaha. Sorry. That post was written few Fridays back. I’ve written that piece upon bursting into the office. And after seeing my scratch paper, I decided to put it in my blog. Thanks!

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