I somehow feel that I am a bad friend to my old best friend who passed away since I totally forgot that it was her Death Anniversary last August 18. And I just remembered it two days after. I was too preoccupied with my work that I have to be in the office before eight in the morning then I will arrive home at almost ten thirty in the evening. Toxic, eh? But in there I can find happiness. I haven’t even lighted a candle for her, though, regularly I pray for her soul. Or is it because for me, she’s still alive and breathing air I cannot ever feel? That she’s just living somewhere in this earth, walking freely in a crowd I will never ever see? I just don’t know. But the memories we shared back then when I can still see the brilliance of her eyes and hear the tone of her voice and laughter were all vivid in my head as if it just happened few moments ago. Yeah, call me a bad friend on this part… but I know I can and will never ever forget about her. She’s also a mother-figure for me, in all honesty. 


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