I should be letting you go since then for it has been a long time I was acting like a fool with this love I felt for you. I deprived myself from the happiness I deserved, including the chance to meet another one who will make me feel appreciated, important and special. Every time I do something big for you, you will blow something to make me feel small. You are a tornado and I am just a dust being carried into a void as you kept on whirling. I don’t know why I still carry the stupidity and foolishness of the younger version of me in love up until now. Call me pathetic for loving you so like this as if I will never fall in love again– but I don’t care because these are my feelings– emotions you will never understand because you never turn your attention to me.

I’ve been asking myself for a hundred times why I am still longing fro you after all this time, after all the heartbreaks and heartaches I endured but I cannot get a full grasp of the answer that has been avoiding me ever since. Maybe, I clang too much to you; I hold on for so long so why give up all of a sudden? Stuff like that make me feel stupid since my logic isn’t functioning well because my pathetic heart is being more dominant. I really don’t know. Maybe I still find happiness with those reveries and day dreams about us I have in my mind. Being like this sucks.


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