Yes, I admit, at the bottom of my heart, I still long for the two of us. I still fancy the idea of marrying you in a garden with white and silk violet as the motif and all the people we knew will gather to witness our first kiss as husband and wife. I still love the idea of growing old with you while we both reminisce those old days before we ended up together. I’m not a hypocrite that’s why I’m telling these things from the bottom of my heart.

Sometimes, I have the feeling that I’ve already moved on from you and all these were just in my mind. The fantasies, the dreams, the hopes and the imaginations, they’re just implanted in my head but not in my heart. I’m not saying that my love for you fades or something close to that because it never will since you will always have a special part in my heart.

Maybe, I’ve already moved on but I still go back straight to you because I can’t still find a girl who will match you– you were the reason why I’ve got a high standard when it comes to girls for you were the first; you’re beautiful, educated, well-mannered, delicate and elegant. Unconsciously, I’m comparing girls to you that’s why I’m stuck in this reverie.


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