Thursday Late Mantra

It was a dull Thursday morning when I went out our house to go to the office for it rained in the previous night; flood is still can be seen. At 06:05 A.M. I was already aboard the jeep but the effin’ driver rode it in the slowest manner (slower than the given fact that there’s a little flood on some particular areas) whereas it enabled me to be in Monumento at exactly 07:00 when supposedly, I should be there earlier than that.  And by the way, I bumped into one of my high school classmates inside the vehicle—as usual because we’re heading on the same route everyday.


It was already expected that the line in LRT is always long but I didn’t expect that it will be doubled today—expect the unexpected as they say. So we decided to ride a jeep for us not to be late. To be honest, both of us are not familiar in the surroundings as the machine progressed but we somehow made it. We’re not that dumb! Haha.


Busy streets, long strides of snob people and blinking traffic lights welcomed us in Recto; allowing me to reminisce those old days when I was still studying in PUP Sta. Mesa. It’s funny how the place didn’t change a bit in my vivid memory. And it took me back in time on those old days when I was still 16 years old—naïve, innocent, afraid, lost and still trying to fit in this big world.


Sea of people greeted us as we crossed the streets on the waiting area. What a relief! Please insert the biggest and loudest tone of sarcasm here. We tried to avoid the crowd in Monument and still, what welcomed us is still a crowd. Great! Both of us thought that we’re still early at that moment but upon seeing that huge number of people—we lost that hope.


My classmate was insisting that we should ride a taxi but me, the practical one, contradicted. Hello, we’re already late so what’s the sense of spending more money for the transportation fee? And this silly classmate of mine, since we can’t find a jeep which will take us to the office decided to trip on another jeep with a different sign board. Hell, we spent eight pesos for nothing because the jeep took us only to a place which can be reached via walking. I got a little annoyed for she was so fond of wasting money on stupid things.


Again and again and again, for the third time within the whole cut-off, I was late. Great. Great. One hundred twenty pesos will be deducted in my salary and I kinda detest it. Hell, that’s 120! Before I can earn it, I must have to spend two hours in the office. And so much can be bought with that kind of money. If tomorrow, I get late again, my deduction will increase to 150. Hell, it’s pissing me off.



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