Yesterday, I enjoyed the whole ride on the FX going to SM North though at first I was reluctant to it. Old love songs usually country on EZ Rock was being played along inside which allowed me to take pleasure in it plus the enjoyable and comfortable silence between my mom and sister; as well as among the other passengers whom nobody caught my attention in particular for me to include them on this silly writing of mine. Plus the fluffy and cottony clouds in the blue sky whereas I titled my head in the window just to have a clear picture of them. It was a shame that my dad wasn’t able to come along since he has a work to do.

It’s really been a while since the last time we went to the mall—I mean with my family. Hundreds of shuffling shoes, numerous indistinct conversations and murmurs, dresses and clothes in assorted colors and sizes plus the unfamiliar faces welcomed us. I totally didn’t expect that the mall will be as crowded as it was; I terribly forgot that it was a Sunday thus, family day. Gathering in malls must be expected.

it feels like yesterday when I used to dream that I’m gonna be the one paying for our lunch and it actually ensued last Sunday in Chowking. I bet, they have an ample source of oil since the Lauriat we’ve ordered was full of it. Seriously. It’s pitiful that we’ve got a refund for our Halo-halo because the machine was broken—I was craving for it badly. We talked about random stuff about ourselves and it’s been great aside from the fact that we never got the chance to capture the moments due to we don’t have a decent camera.

We darted past the cinema and I don’t know if I am just blind or what but I didn’t get a glimpse of ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ and it bugged me why. We went to the department store to buy some paintings and frame which will beautify our home in a way I will never understand. And oh, my mom bought me a shorts amounting 500Php; I really don’t know how that happened since it looked very plain and simple—simplicity is beauty I must remember. Then, we went to Papemelroti (one of my personal favorites) to buy a box and journals and notebooks.

Lastly, I fell in line on JCo; allowing me to spend one hour of my time just to get a box of those crazy yet softy doughnuts. How come that I spent more time there rather than in LRT when the truth was there are more people falling in line for the train than in there? JCo was the only store in the mall except for the movie house which can engineer a long line of people in all honesty. As I stayed in the line, I noticed the very noticeable employees of Cold Stone (a store I don’t know but its specialty is desserts) because they will sing and dance some of the most famous and current songs which will catch peoples’ attention. It was a good marketing strategy even they weren’t executing the steps simultaneously for the customers enjoyed it. And as well as the employees. People who looked enjoying the thing they’re doing is such a beautiful sight to watch. Inside JCo, I enjoyed the two indefinite four minutes because ‘Whole Lot to You’ and ‘Single Ladies’ both by A Rocket to the Moon played in the background.

Overall, it was a great day and night. And I am really looking forward for more memories with my family. Even I wasn’t able to write something yesterday, it was worth it.


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