Every time rain poured in Manila, I can’t decipher why I often asked myself if there’s a raging storm in the Philippine Area of Responsibility—well maybe I’m weird or beyond that. As I typed these words of boredom since I am not doing anything here in my work for I am not yet assigned to a specific account, angry droplets smashed the glass panel of the building I am in, busy streets, speeding cars and deep foliages which never failed of flooding me with the urge to write something; no matter how stupid my thoughts are.

I am completely in love with the rain in the same manner I love that special girl since I was 12 but it bugs me why it saddens me if it pours in Manila, only. I just can’t fathom this peculiarity residing in my body. Or maybe I am more accustomed to the rain in the province—Bulacan specifically. Still, the rain outside didn’t fall short of filling my head with those buried memories in my past; allowing me to feel nostalgic and somehow wishing me to be over there once more.

This downpour took me back to that specific moment of my life one summer when I was totally alone at home whereas beautiful ideas for a fantasy-filled writings barged in my head. I still remember that excitement that slithered throughout my 12-year old body then and the urge to write down quickly everything for them not to go into waste. An insufferable amount of elation filled my heart as I recalled that pretty memory of my younger days. Unfortunately, I still haven’t finished that story up until now—my drafts were still in me though; lack of ideas and imagination were the usual reason why I didn’t satisfy myself to put an end on that story. But who knows? Maybe someday I can already scribble the last period for that magical world and it may even beat the Harry Potter series. Things are always possible if I always believe and never give up.

The names of my characters and places, the spells I coined (through jumbling words causing me a very bad headache), the series of events, everything about that magical world in my head are still vivid in my mind as if I just created them yesterday even eight years passed after I last flipped my drafts to review them. A new kind of excitement and thrill build in my heart as of the moment for the desire to go there once more. But for sure, if I started updating that story again, lots of changes will ensue since the ideas, writing style and point of view of the 12-year old me are far different from the 20-year old me—as distant as the sun and the earth.

Before I reached the end of this blog entry, it took me several minutes because I started working which was the main reason why I am in this company. I am being paid to do my job as a Batching Personnel not as a blogger or writer.


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